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National Physicists’ Conclave 2024

(February 07-10, 2024)

Join us at the National Physicists' Conclave 2024, a premier gathering of physicists, physics enthusiasts, researchers, and experts from across India.

Message from an Eminent Scientist

Message from an Eminent Scientist


National Physicists' Conclave 2024

A prestigious gathering of physicists, physics enthusiasts, researchers, and experts from across India. This event promises an exhilarating convergence of brilliant minds, groundbreaking research, and inspiring talks. Prepare to journey to the cutting edge of scientific discovery, connect with esteemed physicists, and kindle your passion for the mysteries of the universe.

At this event, you'll have the extraordinary opportunity to interact with the STALWART PHYSICISTS of our nation, individuals whose contributions have significantly shaped the world of physics. Their insights and experiences will leave you inspired, amazed, and transformed.



Indian Researchers' Triumphs

Commemorate the remarkable achievements of Indian researchers in Physical Sciences over the past two decades.


Cutting-Edge Research Areas

Get introduced to the latest research trends and cutting-edge concepts in Physical Sciences


India's Global Position

Learn about India's prominent position in Physical Sciences globally. Delve into research outputs, collaborations, international partnerships Government initiatives and the abundance of talent in science education.


Charting the Path to Success

Delve into the future research directions of Indian Physicists, aiming to elevate the scientific standing of our nation while contributing to socio-economic development.


Nurturing a Culture of Ideas

Explore the art of developing original ideas and achieving groundbreaking discoveries. Learn how to tackle significant challenges and choose impactful problems to solve.


Revolutionizing Physics Teaching

Reflect on the journey of physics teaching in India, from the past to the present, and envision the future of imparting knowledge and nurturing young minds.

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Conference Activities


Max.1000 words (or) one full-page (front & back), Figures: Optional

Write abstracts that effectively summarize your research area and highlight your unique contributions innovatively. Please ensure that your abstract is concise, clear, and well-structured. It should provide a compelling overview of your research area and the innovative aspects of your work.


SYMPOSIA on Prime Emphasis Areas



High-Energy Physics (Theory and Experiment)

Exploring the Fundamental and Cosmic Frontiers


Quantum Materials and Technologies

Unveiling Novel Phenomena and Enabling Quantum Technologies


Non-linear Dynamics and Systems

Unravelling Complexity and Emergent Behavior in Physical and Biological Systems


Soft Matter Physics

Understanding and Engineering Materials with Flexibility and Complexity


Condensed Matter and Device Physics

Exploring the Properties, Behavior, and Applications of Advanced Materials


Photonics and Optoelectronics

Harnessing Light for Information, Communication, and Sensing Technologies; Emerging Technology Focused on Light-Detecting Devices


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Physics

Enhancing Insights and Accelerating Discoveries through Intelligent Data Analysis


Frontiers in Physics section
  • Symposia on Emerging Areas
  • Poster, Thesis Competitions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Networking Sessions
  • Technology Exhibition
  • Women in Physics Meet
  • GenZ connect – Engaging UG and PG with Stellar Physicists


  • Eminent Speakers
  • Inspiration Galore
  • Future of Physics
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Networking
  • Voice Your Ideas

Conclave Talks

  • The Big and Small Idea
  • Innovation
  • Invention or breakthrough
  • Explanation
  • Discoveries
  • History
  • Motivating
  • What’s Next?

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No, NPC 2024 will not be publishing conference proceedings in journals. Instead, we will publish abstracts of presentations and discussions in the conclave proceedings. This approach fosters a more inclusive environment for physicists to freely exchange ideas without the formality of full paper submissions and journal publications. Our primary focus is on enriching the scientific community through knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.

Yes, completing your registration confirms your participation.


No, it is not compulsory. PhD students have the choice to submit an abstract for evaluation by the committee. The committee will decide whether it can be presented as a poster or oral presentation. If you’re not interested in presenting your work in these formats, you can still register for the conference, attend sessions, and engage with scientists. Abstract submission is optional, but we encourage participants to share their work at this unique event.

If your abstract is accepted for presentation, we will inform you about the poster presentation process.

There is no separate nomination process for poster presentations; you will be informed if your abstract is accepted.

Poster submission is not required to attend the conference. Abstract submission, while registering for the conference, is necessary if you want to present your work. The committee will evaluate the abstract and decide if it can be presented as a poster or oral. While abstract submission is optional, we recommend sharing your work at this unique event. All registration details are available on our website at npc2024.in.

The registration fee covers your attendance at the conclave but does not automatically qualify you for awards or specific roles within the conference. To be considered for awards, you must self-nominate or be nominated by someone familiar with your work. You can submit the awards form after registering for the conclave, and you need to enter your registration number on the nomination form. There are no fees associated with nominations. Selection criteria and the nomination form can be found on our website’s awards section.

We appreciate your prompt payment for the registration fee. However, it’s important to note that once the amount is transferred to our account, we are unable to process refunds. As mentioned on the registration form, we highly recommend participants double-check the payment details before making any transactions.

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